Usain Bolt and Tyreek Hill Can Open the Door For Even More Celebrity Athletic Competitions

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt / Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Celebrity boxing is currently going through a renaissance thanks to Floyd Mayweather and the Paul Brothers. The only problem is that boxing is so ... violent. lt's just not for everyone, even if your mom is a big Jake Paul fan, she might not appreciate high level fisticuffs. However, she probably likes the Olympics and people who like the Olympics like track and field. (This all makes perfect sense so far, right?)

So can I interest you in celebrity sprinting? After some back and forth trash talk, Usain Bolt went on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday and said that he and Tyreek Hill could settle the debate about who is faster. Bolt suggested the two meet up for a 70-meter dash after the Super Bowl. For the NFL fans out there, that's about 76 yards.

Bolt specializes in the 100m and Hill specializes in long touchdown receptions. Just like celebrity boxing isn't new, neither is celebrity sprinting. Back in the 90's there was a 150m race between US 200m and 400m gold medalist Michael Johnson and the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the 100m, Canadian Donovan Bailey.

This is absolutely something that should become a thing again. If Donald Glover can get Michael Vick to race people in the parking lot of a strip club on Atlanta, then we can surely convince him to embarass some celebrities on a track & field PPV.

We've seen this kind of thing with the celebrity slam dunk contest.

Celebrity boxing has proven the celebrity athletics genre's viability. You put together a full track meet and we can finally replace the Olympics altogether.