Urban Meyer's Daughter Defends Father: 'This is War'

Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Urban Meyer's dismissal from the Jacksonville Jaguars was a slow-moving disaster and although the end result is predictable, it's still a monumental moment in coaching history. Things went so south so quickly and so publicly for a polarizing figure that it's no wonder the sporting world is talking about little else this morning. Finding Meyer defenders is a tall task considering the existing narrative, but the coach does have a supporter coming to his side: his daughter Gigi.

Desire to back an embattled family member is universally understandable. Especially if there's a feeling the information being used to pillory them is inaccurate.

“We already know who wins in the end,” Meyer Pruett wrote on her Instagram story. “The enemy (aka the world) really doesn’t wanna see the good people win. And you can argue whether my dad is a “good person” or not based on what you see in the media (super reliable source of info as we know). Anyone who truly knows us knows how incredible he is as a person.

“And the world hates any platform we have, so he’s going to create chaos to destroy it. Little does he know he’s making it stronger. It’s not over. Keep watching.”

Considering the multiple leaks and sources here, "they" may be a more appropriate descriptor than the singular "he". There is a chance this makes whatever the Meyers' platform is stronger. It's not hard to imagine Urban landing another high-profile gig because people love touching the hot stove again to see if it's cooled. But it's not impossible to imagine this is the final professional nail for someone who has stepped on them before.