Urban Meyer Called a Hospital CEO to Ensure Josh Allen's Daughter Could Be Exclusively Breast-Fed

Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Peter King's dispatch from Jacksonville Jaguars camp provided an update on first-year NFL coach Urban Meyer's quest to turn around a middling franchise and instill a different type of culture. Included is a story involving defensive end Josh Allen and a recent issue that needed resolving. Via FMIA:

Allen and his wife Kaitlyn were at the hospital after their baby daughter was born recently, and they were upset about advice from a nurse that for the baby’s health early, a specific formula was needed as a supplement to breast milk. Kaitlyn wanted to use breast milk only, and it was very important to her. Josh Allen didn’t know anyone at the hospital to appeal to. In conversations with players after taking the job, Meyer emphasized  that we’re all one, we all have to care for each other. “If you have any conflict,” Meyer had told the players, “we’ll help you fix it.” So here was the time for Josh Allen to see if he meant it. He called Meyer. Meyer told him to stand by.

“I called the CEO of the hospital, and asked for his help,” Meyer told me. When you’re the hottest guy in town, the coach of the local NFL team, you can do that. The CEO got the wheels in motion to solve the problem, and Baby Allen would be breast-fed. Exclusively.

The anecdote shows Meyer's willingness to go the extra mile for his players both on and off the field. And it's great that he's building these types of relationships with his roster and those who love them. But we would like to hear some more details on exactly what happened here because a few questions abound.

It would certainly be interesting to hear what type of conversation the CEO of a hospital and an NFL coach had about newborn care. One party probably has a bit deeper background on the topic than the other, but hey, it's always worth getting some new ideas from the local football instructor.

What likely happened here is Meyer simply facilitated some sort of resolution that would have eventually been reached by the Allens and their doctors. The other option is that a medical decision was reversed after a well-placed phone call from a football coach, which seems super weird.

It's also likely that this was a one-off and Meyer will not take on a second job as a second opinion guy. Perhaps doctors in Northern Florida should start preparing just in case he does, though, now that word is out.