Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Jefferson Among Four Former LSU Players Arrested on Drug Charges


Sports Illustrated missed their money shot. WAFB in Baton Rouge is reporting that Tyrann Mathieu was among four former LSU football players arrested for marijuana possession today. The list also includes last year’s starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson, and former safeties Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant. The four were booked into East Baton Rouge Prison at 4:45pm. Mathieu, Jefferson and Hatcher face simple possession charges. Bryant was charged with possession with intent to distribute.

The incident began when police responded to a call after Jordan Jefferson tried to force entry through the apartment complex’s security gate…

"At approximately 3:30pm Thursday, officers were dispatched to an apartment at 262 West State in Baton Rouge in reference to a complaint about a man attempting to force his way in to the complex through a security gate, police said.   According to police news release:  The man was confronted by a maintenance worker and words were exchanged. Before officers arrived the man had been let into the complex by a resident and was seen going into an apartment. When officers went to the apartment and knocked on the door it was answered by the resident, Tyrann Mathieu, age 20, police said. “Officers immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana and obtained consent from Mathieu to search the apartment”, a police news release said.  “Inside they found three other men, including the one who had allegedly tried to force his way through the gate. He was identified as Jordan Jefferson,” police said.  Police said the other two men were identified as Bryant and Hatcher."

Police discovered 10 bags of “high grade marijuana,” a grinder and a digital scale. Seven of the bags were in Bryant’s backpack. Some will get moralistic about marijuana use. We’ll just point out this is super dumb for Mathieu, who just had to stay out of trouble for a few months and get drafted. Perhaps hanging around LSU’s campus with a lot of idle time was not the best option?

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