Newsmax Takes a Crack at Deciphering What 'YMCA' Means to Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Melania Trump exit Marine Force One.
Donald Trump and Melania Trump exit Marine Force One. / Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump left the White House for the final time this morning, hours ahead of Joseph R. Biden, Jr.'s inauguration. As Trump finished his presidential address on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews, "YMCA," by the Village People blared for the adoring crowd. Why does Trump continue to turn to this song at his events? Newsmax's aptly named morning show, WAKE UP AMERICA!, tried to share some insight.

"The song came out, YMCA, in 1978. Donald Trump was a young man in 1978, working in real estate in New York with his father. The first line of that song is, "Young man there's no need to feel down." President Trump had a hand in setting up the events of today and I'm sure that was a song that he had some fun with back in the late 70's and even though he will not be the president at noon eastern today there is no need to feel down."

There you have it. This was not chosen randomly off a Jock Jams CD. This song transports Trump back to his early 30's. I'm sure the Village People, who want nothing to do with Trump currently, must be happy to know they brought some joy and comfort to the life of a millionaire New York real estate tycoon and son of a billionaire real estate tycoon.

UPDATE: Actually, it was kind of randomly chosen off a Jock Jams CD.