Anderson Cooper Barely Held it Together While 'Macho Man' Blasted at the Trump Rally

Stephen Douglas
Anderson Cooper listens to "Macho Man."
Anderson Cooper listens to "Macho Man." /

Donald Trump held his first rally since contracting coronavirus on Monday night. To the surprise of no one, it came in front of a huge, mostly maskless crowd in Florida. Ahead of the rally, CNN's Gary Tuchman was live at the scene, reporting live to Anderson Cooper. Tuchman was nearly drowned out by the Village People classic, "Macho Man," blaring in the background. Watch as Anderson Cooper does his best to hold it together despite the absurd situation unfolding in his ears.

Donald Trump has a complicated relationship with the Village People. In February, the group said that Trump was free to use their music as long as it was not suggesting their endorsement, which it is not.

In June, after peaceful protesters were dispersed using teargas outside the White House so that he could take a photograph while holding a bible upside down, the lead singer asked that Trump stop using their music, which he did not.

Trump has continued using the music heading into the homestretch of the 2020 Election, further annoying the band, and culminating in this clip of Anderson Cooper.

Just another incredible little detail of this presidency. Especially, the fact that the Trump team is taking song's title very literally to use it to communicate that Trump is a simply a macho man. It just one of many songs is many songs they have used which may not mean what they think it means.