Troy Aikman: Cowboys Have to Think About Starting Cooper Rush Over Dak Prescott If They Beat Eagles

Liam McKeone
Cooper Rush
Cooper Rush / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Is there a real QB controversy in Dallas? No, not really. Despite what Jerry Jones might wish. The Cowboys have, indeed, gone undefeated in the four weeks since Dak Prescott went down with a finger injury that will keep him out at least another game. Cooper Rush has, indeed, been exactly what Dallas has needed time and time again. Yet still Prescott is better than Rush, even if his winning percentage on the year is worse. We all know this.

Troy Aikman gave his thoughts today during his weekly interview with 96.7 The Ticket in Dallas and said if the Cowboys pull out a win this weekend over the undefeated Philaelphia Eagles, then the team simply has to consider if it's worth inserting Prescott into the lineup.

It would be Rush's most impressive win to date by a long shot, especially considering how terrible the Rams have looked so far. The Eagles are not dominant but obviously have been both good and lucky enough to avoid a loss in the first five weeks of the year. To march into Philly and take down an undefeated division rival would be an accomplishment of the highest order for Rush.

It still wouldn't justify wondering if the team is better off with him under center. The Cowboys have been fortunate over the last five games to never really fall far behind. The defense has been so good that Rush hasn't needed to take on anything bigger than a game manager role, hitting the throws when they're there and otherwise letting Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard do the heavy lifting. If Dallas ends up in a shootout with Rush at quarterback, they are screwed. Plain and simple.

Not every backup who plays well is the second coming of Tom Brady. Good for Rush for stepping up; he has earned himself a raise once the season is over. But Prescott will be the guy leading this team down the stretch run. No matter what Aikman might say.