Trevor Lawrence's Positive COVID Test Nothing More Than an Annoyance to College Football

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for COVID-19. The reaction to this news has been the standard reaction we've seen for the last two months. College Football, the collective sport, views the coronavirus pandemic as an inconvenience and not much more. I guess you can't blame them considering the state of the country. Players and coaches have tested positive, games have been postponed and canceled. Yet nothing has made anyone reconsider whether they should be playing. This has all been nothing more than a great annoyance to teams and fans.

Positive tests have been met with nothing but skepticism and a look at the calendar. Was it a false positive? When can he return? If a player tests positive on Sunday, when can he play again? Will the coach be on the sideline? Can the quarterback fly private on the day of the game to join his team by kickoff?

That's the latest scenario as Clemson's star quarterback, Heisman hopeful, and the presumptive top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft (so long as the Jets aren't picking first), has tested positive. Lawrence will miss Clemson's yawner of a game this weekend against Boston College. Ignoring how he's feeling now, or the possible long-term effects, will he be available next weekend?

That's all that really matters. If Lawrence's backup, D.J. Uiagalelei, does his job Clemson should be fine. As long as Lawrence is cleared to play on November 7th in South Bend against No. 4 Notre Dame. The only real question is whether or not the nerds and doctors and killjoys will clear him to play in 10 days when ACC rules say he can return?

Nothing says amateurism like a private flight for the quarterback. Luckily, this isolation should be no problem for Lawrence since he has no roommate.

As this continues to infect athletes in non-bubble situations, you would think someone would take a step back and wonder what we're doing. Lawrence is arguably the guy with more to lose than anyone else in college football. If he has been taking this seriously, his positive test should be a reminder that this can happen to anyone. If he was careless, it's a cautionary tale. If he tested positive a day later, he'd definitely miss a game that could basically eliminate Clemson from the national championship picture. These are some scary football ramifications.

Lawrence, the person who is currently infected with the contagious virus, is dealing with some mild symptoms. He'll probably recover and be fine, but it's just going to get worse as the country's numbers continue to climb. It's only going to get worse. The United States set a new record on Thursday, breaking the 90,000 new case barrier for the first time. Lawrence is far from the first and he won't be the last. As cases in the general population continue to rise to record highs, college football is going to feel it. We've had quarterbacks for two Top 10 teams test positive this week. More stars are going to get infected. More games are going to be canceled.

Anyone who argued they were playing college football because it was safe was either lying to themselves or outright lying. There are no worries about the unknown. The only second-guessing is directed at the tests. The only thing that matters is playing football. Just wait and see how far we take this.