Clean-Shaven Travis Kelce Is a Trip

Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Travis Kelce is one of the most productive tight ends in football. He's also one of its most productive bachelors, having parlayed his good looks into a star turn in a reality show before finding himself a steady girlfriend. That's what we call a dual threat, folks.

His ascension to A-list NFL star has come against a backdrop of neatly manicured facial hair. So much so that it's tough to find pictures of him with a smooth face under our subscription service. Most of the stills show a man confident in his goatee.

Travis Kelce
Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Kelce has now decided to tell a different story with his face at Chiefs training camp. Below is a three-slide presentation showing the transformation from scruff to mustache to baby face. It's quite a journey.

And here is the final stage of the metamorphosis.

... Who is that?

People are chronically over-exaggerating just how different people look with or without facial hair but in this case it's really is quite jarring. Unsettlingly so even.

Kelce seems to have heard the feedback — that all this is superweird — and has a plan to address it.

Here's hoping the beard is back sooner rather than later. This country needs normalcy now more than ever.