VIDEO: Travis Kelce Gives Amazing Interview After AFC Championship Win

Liam McKeone
Travis Kelce telling us what we need to know
Travis Kelce telling us what we need to know /

Travis Kelce had a relatively quiet game by his standards in the AFC Championship Game, catching only three passes for 30 yards and no touchdowns as the center of attention of the Titans' defense. But that doesn't mean he's any less excited to be going to the Super Bowl.

Exhibit A: His F-bomb after dropping in on a Patrick Mahomes post-game interview. Exhibit B: This.

I imagine Jim Nantz got miiiighty nervous when Kelce grabbed that mic. No one knew what was coming. But it was clean, wholesome, and a great moment from one of the NFL's more entertaining personalities.

Everyone in Kansas City will be partying, whether or not they fought for the right to do so.