Here Comes the Trae Young Narrative Correction

Stephen Douglas
Trae Young
Trae Young / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Trae Young suffered a bone bruise during the Atlanta Hawks Game 3 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and may miss Game 4 on Tuesday night. Without their best player, the Hawks will be put in an almost impossible position and, despite their incredible postseason run, you can already see where this is going.

A couple months ago, long before the Hawks made their run, we noted that the Trae Young - Luka Doncic trade was not as one-sided as many had previously thought. Today on First Take Kendrick Perkins may have been the first person to actually say they'd rather have Young than Doncic.

Colin Cowherd has proclaimed Young better than Kyrie Irving. On top of all that, Reggie Miller dubbed him a superstar last week. Basically, we have reached the zenith for Young takes if he's not going to win the title this year. It is time for the correction. We must now head back to the nadir.

With the superstar designation comes immense pressure and generally unreasonable expectations. Despite the NBA having maybe a dozen top line superstars right now, only one or two of them will win this 2021 NBA Championship. It's the same every year and now Trae Young is going to be one of the guys who didn't. And even worse, he'll quickly become the guy many people will claim can't.

Odds are, the healthy Hawks have a nice season next year, but if they fail to get back to the Eastern Conference Finals, they're suddenly disappointing. Someone will literally wonder out loud on television whether any team with Trae Young could ever truly compete for an NBA title. It's going to happen.

Worse yet? He now has injury problems! Sure, he's only missed 14 regular season games in three years, but can he make it through an entire postseason healthy? This is why everyone hates building a team around little guys!

Just wait. It's coming and it probably won't take until next season. Takes can only get hotter and we need more of them than ever. If Trae Young really is that guy than he will generate them. It's really the only way to tell who the biggest stars in the league are. If there's no one willing to say you're horrible, then you're probably not amazing. And Trae Young has looked pretty amazing this postseason.