5 Trade Destinations for Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham holding up hand.
Odell Beckham holding up hand. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer reported this morning that Odell Beckham Jr. has reached out to coaches and players saying that he wants to be traded from the Browns. Here are the five destinations that come to mind for one of the NFL's most talked-about talents next season:

New England Patriots

Ugh, just when you thought the end may be near. This news this morning sure puts a damper on those that were starting to believe this was the last season the Tom Brady-led Patriots were going to be contenders. Nothing screams Bill Belichick more than acquiring Beckham at this stage in his career. And, more importantly, New England has not needed help at any position in a long time like they do now at receiver. I don't know guys, this idea isn't going away...

Oakland Raiders

Like the Patriots, we know the Raiders will take a chance on wide receivers that are as much divas as they are talented. While Beckham is not the player Antonio Brown is, he is less of a risk. The Raiders have been one of the surprise teams of the season and certainly could use the threat of OBJ. Oh, and nothing says Las Vegas quite like him.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers, too, need a spark before moving stadiums. In fact, they just need some life as they are yet to attract a fan base in Los Angeles. Beckham, if nothing else, would be a draw and fill seats. Depending on what they do at quarterback, Beckham could be just what is needed to give Philip Rivers one more chance at going deep into the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles

The 5-7 Eagles -- still in play to win the NFC East -- have been the duds of the year. Carson Wentz has been disappointing, as well as has his weapons. DeSean Jackson can't be relied on, and Beckham would be a significant upgrade over what the team is working with now. Despite their season, the Eagles are still one of the NFL's most talented teams.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is the ideal fit for Beckham. Russell Wilson is as good as anyone in the country at throwing the football. It's a strong locker room with a top-three coach in the league. Josh Gordon and D.K. Metcalf paired with Beckham would be an embarrassment of athleticism on the outside. Which may be exactly what the Seahawks will need to separate in the competitive NFC next year.