Top 5 Most Perfect, Must-Watch, Most Exciting NFL Games of Week 1

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The NFL is back, baby. That's right. After a long cold summer professional football will mercifully return to our television screens in just a few days and boy has the National Football League given us some tasty schedule treats. Here is a list of the five most alluring matchups of Week 1. Do not miss these games!

Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs (TNF)

The defending Super Bowl champions versus Thanksgiving's team. The Chiefs have won 12 or more games and made the AFC Championship Game during all five seasons Patrick Mahomes has been their starting quarterback and Mahomes is still the starting quarterback so that means the Chiefs are going to be really good again. And the Lions should be decent again for the second straight season! If their offense is anywhere near as good as it was last year, the NFL season could begin with a high-scoring shootout and many shots of Dan Campbell on the sideline being a maniac.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets (MNF)

Aaron Rodgers making his New York Jets debut on 9/11 against a team that is actually from New York? Local media has a chance to do the funniest thing of all-time if they just have the courage. If they don't they'll just have to settle for Rodgers and his shaky offensive line and high-quality skill position guys against one of the top defenses in the NFL in 2022. The Bills offense is also pretty good.

San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1pm)

These are two teams with large national fanbases which means you can root against both teams with the understanding that someone you know is probably going to be upset with the result. We get our first look at Brock Purdy as a known commodity and Kenny Pickett is apparently ready to make a leap, which should make for some entertaining TV because of an exciting young receiving duo.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns (1pm)

Much like with national elections, the battle for Ohio is often pivotal in the NFL. If the Bengals are better it just makes sense. If the Browns are better, well, that's an indication that our country is upside down. Joe Burrow might be healthy. Deshaun Watson might be washed and if that's true he's going to be making tens of millions to play QB while fans start to demand the team's fifth-round pick gets to see the field.

Miami Dolphins @ Los Angeles Chargers (4pm)

What? You were expecting the Giants and Cowboys on Sunday Night Football? Sorry, there are more important things than NBC's ratings. Justin Herbert has a lot to prove as he's had the second-most passing yards in the NFL each of the last two seasons and has nothing but an embarassing Wild Card collapse to show for it. Plus, you've got Tua Tagovailoa throwing the ball to Tyreek Hill and whatever else Mike McDaniel can dream up. A chance to enjoy the Miami Dolphins at full strength while you can.