Tony Romo Sees Jets Rookie Zach Wilson in the 'Mahomes Stratosphere' in a Few Years

Tony Romo At NERF Challenge In Dallas
Tony Romo At NERF Challenge In Dallas / Rick Kern/Getty Images

Tony Romo did a CBS media call today and broke out some of his patented Tony Romo Predictions. If you're a New York Jets fan who believes in the power of Romo, you're going to want to sit down because he thinks that Zach Wilson will not only turn the Jets around, but be a Patrick Mahomes-level talent in a few years. Someone should tell the guy who called him a bust after a preseason game.

But that doesn't mean this is necessarily the year for the Jets because he is also high on Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins. And the New England Patriots.

And that's all without mentioning the elder statesman of the AFC East, 25-year-old Josh Allen, the Pro Bowl quarterback who won the division last year and took the Buffalo Bills to the AFC Championship game. The AFC East sounds incredible!