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New York Jets Fan Calls WFAN to Call Zach Wilson a Bust in Record Time

Stephen Douglas
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

New York sports fans are a special breed. Their inherent fanatacism, combined with the self-importance that everyone in and around New York City feels often mixes to form an especially unreasonable cocktail. So expectations are often high and quickly considered not met. Which is why Jets rookie Zach Wilson has to be great fast or the bust talk will dominate the back pages of the local newspapers, of which there are still many in the area.

In fact, the talk of Wilson's disappointing career has already begun, in earnest, on local sports talk radio where a fan called in to WFAN yesterday to lament how bad Wilson has looked in training camp. That, coupled with the glowing reports of Justin Fields' practice sessions in Chicago, has this local man fed up with the Jets continued ineptitude.

When the Jets picked Wilson because he could handle the New York media, this is why. Not everyone is built for this.

"I know it's early yet," he says before making the case against Wilson, despite never having seen him play a single snap. Maybe his most convincing argument is that BYU played a group of schools that were comprised of athletes that normally competed in the caller's flag football league.

Zach Wilson will make his NFL preseason debut against the New York Giants on Saturday night. Hopefully he gets a few series under his belt so this caller has some more convincing arguments next week.