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Tommy Tuberville, the New Cincinnati Coach, Has Already Pissed off a Powerful High School Football Program in Ohio


Tommy Tuberville, last seen leaving recruits at a dinner table in Lubbock, is not off to the best start in Cincinnati. The Bearcats’ previous coach Butch Jones, recruited one of the best QBs in Ohio, Kyle Kempt, to play for Cincinnati. Kempt, who carries a 4.4 GPA, picked the Bearcats over Tennessee and West Virginia among others.

Worth noting: Butch Jones left for Tennessee last month.

Anyway, Tuberville sauntered into town and depending on whom you believe, appears to have pulled Kempt’s scholarship offer. From Friday Night Ohio:

Kempt either decommitted from Cincinnati or Tuberville pulled the offer Jones made to him. It would seem the latter may be the case judging by Hall’s reaction. “It was an ugly situation,” Hall said. “I think they thought he was going to go to Tennessee with Butch Jones and they offered another quarterback. But that wasn’t the case. Cincinnati will not be allowed back in Massillon on our campus as long as Jason Hall is in Massillon.” It could be a big mistake by Tuberville. He came to Cincinnati from Texas Tech. Tuberville is a coach from the south and making his first head coaching stop in the Midwest. Snubbing one of the top high school football programs in a new state probably isn’t the best way to start off a new career.

Don’t you love it when high school football coaches speak in the 3rd person? Enjoy the power trip, Jason Hall. [via Friday Night Ohio]