Roundup: Tom Rinaldi Leaving ESPN For Fox Sports; Aloe Blacc is a Mushroom

The Dandy Warhols In Concert - Birmingham, Alabama
The Dandy Warhols In Concert - Birmingham, Alabama / David A. Smith/Getty Images

Retail sales are down does anyone know why ... Aloe Blacc, a professional singer, did not win The Masked Singer ... a Komodo dragon attacked a worker at Jurassic Park ... Hitler's alligator is on display in Moscow ... mob underboss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso died in prison from COVID-19 ... Scott Stapp will play Frank Sinatra in a Ronald Reagan biopic ... Roku has finally come to an agreement to carry HBO Max ... Donald Trump finally passed his main policy goal of being able to rinse his hair ... facial recognition technology is a racial justice issue ... a former Houston police captain held an AC repairman at gunpoint because of a fake voter-fraud conspiracy ... Christopher Walken has never owned a cellphone or computer ... Andrew Cuomo signed a bill banning the sale of the Confederate flag ... there was a mysterious gap in COVID death reporting in Florida right before the election ... the interior secretary caught COVID ... Tom Bossert says the Russian hacking is actually quite vast and bad ...

RIP former Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro who died of a heart attack on Wednesday. [Pro Football Talk]

Kelly Loeffler's house dropped in value from $10.5 million to $4.1 million overnight. It's a big mystery to everyone. [The Daily Beast]

In major sports media news, Tom Rinaldi is headed to FOX Sports. Ironically, ESPN is the one left crying. [New York Post]

Ever wonder what the top 250 fandoms in sports and entertainment would look like ranked? [FanSided]

Lions' center Frank Ragnow suffered a fractured throat and didn't miss a snap. [TBL]

Washington Huskies' quarterback Jacob Sirmon is entering the transfer portal. [Seattle Times]

10 incredible Kyler Murray stories. [Yahoo!]

What happened to the Tiger Tracker? [The Ringer]

Rich Eisen wouldn't give up Tyler Herro for James Harden. Or Giannis. I mean, that was the gist of it.

Parry Gripp remains a national treasure.

Merry happy whatever!