Tom Brady Already Getting Weird in Retirement

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Sebastian Widmann/GettyImages

Tom Brady announced his retirement from football less than one week ago and he's already getting a bit weird. Well, maybe very weird. Depending on how funny you think his latest tweet is.

There's no real way to do this smoothly so we'll get right to it. Brady tweeted out a selfie of himself dressed in his own branded underwear and that's it. Avert thy eyes if shirtless mirror selfies offend you!

In case you are too lazy to click through the tweets and find out for yourself why the hell Brady would do this at 10am on a Monday, the former QB made this dumb bet last summer and finally paid the piper.

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The divorced, youthful retiree energy is off the damn charts here. What else will this man get up to with all this time on his hands?

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