Five Things We Want to See During the Quarterbacks-Only Edition of 'The Match'

Capital One's The Match
Capital One's The Match / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The lineup for the latest edition of Capital One's The Match has been announced and it is NFL-heavy. In fact, it's an all-quarterback lineup that should get people talking. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will team up to face Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Yes, it's old vs. young and NFC vs. AFC in the upcoming battle at the Wynn Las Vegas in June.

This will be the sixth edition of The Match and we've seen a lot during the previous five matches. Here are five things we'd like to see from the upcoming event.


This is the most obvious addition that needs to happen here. The guys should be playing golf like the rest of us, and who can make it around 18 without a few beers? We've seen Brady at his drunkest, it's time for the rest of these guys to step up and drop the inhibitions on national television.

Discussion of the New Overtime Rules

This might be a touchy subject for Allen, but he and Mahomes could probably have some fun going back and forth on what could have been during this year's playoffs. The Bills-Chiefs game from January was likely the single biggest contributing factor to the rule change.

It would be interesting to hear what Rodgers and Brady think about the rules as well, since they've been around long enough to see the old rules impact a ton of outcomes.

Trash Talk

Quarterbacks are often pretty bland, so it would be nice if these guys dropped that sheen of professionalism and just went after each other. I'm talking get savage. Blast Rodgers for getting medical advice from Joe Rogan, take shots at Brady for his retirement fiasco, take down Mahomes for losing to the Bengals of all teams, and go after Allen for failing to beat the Chiefs in regulation during the playoffs. Brady can go at both Rodgers and Mahomes for beating them in the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl respectively. These guys need to roast each other and save the niceties for postgame handshakes.

Championship Rings

Three of the four quarterbacks participating have won Super Bowls -- sorry, Josh. What's the point of having a ring if you can't show it off? Mahomes, and Rodgers should bring theirs and Brady should pick his favorite and tote it with him. They can compare and contrast they for viewers while Allen looks on wistfully.

Gambling on Each Hole

A rule for this year's match should be that there needs to be at least one bet for charity on each hole. I know these guys are all decent golfers, but we won't be tuning in to watch them swing the clubs. We'll be watching for all the other stuff. So create some drama on every hole for us by forcing some gambling on these guys. And it's not like any of the four are lacking cash!