Tom Brady's Personal Brand Now Includes Race Cars and the Worst T-Shirts You've Ever Seen

“80 For Brady” Los Angeles Premiere
“80 For Brady” Los Angeles Premiere / Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

Tom Brady retired from football and decided to take a gap year before diving into a lucrative broadcasting career, but don't worry, he's going to find a way to make ends meet. Brady appears to be expanding his brand rapidly in 2023. Today it was announced that his name would be on a car at Le Mans.

If you aren't going to be driving in a 24-hour endurance sports car race anytime soon, you still might want to watch and Brady has something for you too. If you scroll through the @BradyBrand account you'll see that just last week the former football player started selling activewear. Or inactivewear. He started teasing his boring clothing line in early February when he tweeted a picture of himself in his underwear and since then he's added some layers.

That's right. Shirts and shorts you can wear all day. And scientists said it couldn't be done!

In addition to completely normal and comfortable-looking sweats, Brady is also hawking some pretty ugly shirts. Like this roulette wheel with two floating hands covered in rings. And another one with a bald eagle on top of some Lombari trophies.

If you're a simpler person, you could always go with the solid t-shirt that just says BRADY for $45. And cover that up with this jacket with a picture photoshopped onto it. A steal at $145 so get those preorders in.

When you think about it, it's kind of surprising that someone else thought of selling the sand he retired near before he did. Hope that missed chance at some income doesn't hurt him.