Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian Are Not Dating

Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Tom Brady has retired from the NFL but remains an extremely clickable name. Between his new business ventures and ever-changing likelihood of joining FOX to collect some of that enormous contract, there is much to discuss. So it's no surprise that many jumped on the opportunity to get him in a headline along with Kim Kardashian.

The New York Post reported yesterday that the reality mogul is looking into some property near Brady's home in an exclusive Bahamian neighborhood, and you know what the logical scuttlebutt is after that little morsel. But before you even think about the possibility of these two dating, know that they are just friends like a Ryan Reynolds movie. Via E!:

"Tom and Kim have been in touch because Kim is looking to buy property where Tom has a vacation home," the source said before maintaining that the pair are "just friends."

According to multiple reports, Kim is looking to buy a property at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club, an exclusive members-only residential community in the Bahamas, and even flew out to the Bahamas over the weekend to check out the resort. Tom was reportedly not at the club at the time.

In times like these it's important to know the state of play when it comes to the moguls' respective brands.

It's also reported that the pair have a mutual friend, Jens Grede, who has worked with both Tom and Kim on their respective brands -- SKIMS and Brady -- and likely connected the two.

Tom's reps, meanwhile, have denied any romance, with a source close to Kim telling ET much of the same. "Kim and Tom have friends and business partners in common, but they are not dating," the source noted.

So there you have it. Nothing to see here except two famous people with a shared connection both trying to enjoy the sun-soaked, laid-back lifestyle this exclusive community can provide. May they both have many nights enjoying a beautiful sunset with a beverage in hand — together, seperately, or however they see fit.