Tom Brady's Family Suite at Gillette Stadium Has Been Cleaned Perhaps Like it Has Never Been Cleaned Before

Tom Brady and his family
Tom Brady and his family / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tom Brady Rumor SZN is in full swing. With the Patriots vanquished by the Tennessee Titans, Tom Brady's time in New England may have come to an end. And if it hasn't, well, we're still going to look at every little thing in his life from here on out until he announces where he will play next season as proof that he is leaving New England forever. Like, when the Patriots cleaned up the stadium after the season ended. According to WEEI's Greg Hill, the Brady suite has been cleaned out. This is not a drill.

"“The Brady suite at Gillette Stadium where (Gisele Bundchen) has been known to watch her husband play football has been cleaned out," he said. Hill added: “It would appear to be, by those who are in the know, that it has been cleaned out in way that perhaps it has never has been cleaned out before.”"

The Greg Hill Show

Wow. Is it possible that the unseasonably warm weather this weekend tricked the Patriots into spring cleaning early, or has Tom Brady already informed the team he is leaving? If Brady has any love in his heart for Jarrett Stidham, he would let everyone know now so they could have a full 8 months to get his family's new suite ready.

Of course, this could all just be a coincidence. The Patriots need to make sure that people understand that this cleaning crew, while employed by the organization, has nothing to do with football operations. Were they told to go into Tom Brady's suit and clean? Yes, but they were not told to clean like they had never cleaned before. They were overzealous cleaners who were sent to the suite to clean certain things and took it upon themselves to clean the entire suite. No one from the football team told them how or what to clean.

It's entirely possible they were filming a Do Your Job segment on NFL custodial workers. Or maybe Brady prefers his suite aired out a certain way and the cleaners just went overboard. If Brady would just share his texts with the cleaning crew we could sort this out.