Tom Brady Could Become Tampa Bay's All-Time Passing Touchdown Leader Next Season

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Tom Brady is to date the only blemish on Father Time's career record, though we're all operating under the assumption that he'll eventually have to retire. Or are we? It may be time for a show of hands for those who are starting to think the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time will maintain his body until the Singularity is achieved.

He's been nothing less than spectacular through two games of his 22nd season, throwing for 655 yards and an eye-popping nine scores as the defending Super Bowl champions look even better than they did last year. Four of those have gone to Rob Gronkowski who, in his first reasonably normal year back from retirement, looks as though he's found the same Fountain of Youth Brady drank from deeply. A dozen more of these connections and they'll be the most prolific touchdown duo in league history, surpassing Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. At this rate, such a torch will be passed this year.

With Brady it's impossible to glance at any reference materials without greatness and records falling all over the public library floor. So much so that we've become numb to them. Even this Gronkowski one looming isn't entirely surprising, even when you factor in the years Gronkowski was grappling with injury or out of football. One that is kind of shocking, though, is the possibility that before the 2022 season ends, Brady could be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' all-time passing touchdown leader.

Through 18 games in pewter, Brady has thrown 49 touchdowns. Another year of 40-plus scoring strikes will put him second, passing Steve DeBerg, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Vinny Testaverde, and Josh Johnson along the way. Jameis Winston sits comfortably at the top with 121. At this point, wouldn't it be surprising if Touchdown Tom didn't conquer this mountain?

Consider what it would take for a player to do this for two different franchises. Consider what it would take for a player to do it with a side they first played for at age 43. It defies belief. Brady is a player who very much exists but if you heard about his career as a hypothetical, you'd dismiss as unrealistic.

It wasn't on my mind before today yet now it's all I can think about. Just when you think you've got a handle on this absurdity, Brady compiles more to fill out the trophy case and general myth.