We Must Stop the Tom Brady Photoshops Until Bucs Unveil New Uniforms Next Month

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

If you've been on the internet over the past 24 hours it has been impossible to miss Tom Brady's 6′4″ frame in the awkward, convoluted Tampa Bay Buccaneers' uniforms. Here is how it looks:

(Not a bad-looking fit. Not a fan of the brown undershirt, however.)

I, as much as anyone, enjoy seeing a player digitally portrayed in their new uniforms to help envision how they'll look performing on the field. In this case, what dinking-and-dunking will look like in red and brown. But the graphic-creators online are doing a disservice this time, because Brady isn't going to wear those jerseys.

The Buccaneers announced last month they will be wearing new uniforms for the 2020 season. We will have to wait until April, per the team, to know for sure how good Brady will look at 43-years-old on the football field and in new colors. Though, there are some internet leaks that may or may not be accurate.

Hopefully, these aren't real. Yes, the Bucs' uniforms have been distracting and too much lately, but that doesn't mean boring, practice squad-looking jerseys are the route to go. We didn't wait two decades to see Brady in all white on the road.

Here's to hoping whatever Tampa has planned, they axe it. Now with Brady, it's time to bring back the historically beloved creamsicle uniforms.

Take a look at this:

And that is just a Madden version. Imagine the real thing.