A Motion For Tom Brady and the Bucs to Wear Classic Creamsicle Throwbacks in Primetime

Ryan Glasspiegel
Tom Brady in a Bucs creamsicle jersey
Tom Brady in a Bucs creamsicle jersey /

Tom Brady is signing with the Bucs soon, and I've been thinking about a couple things: How he'll have a coterie of weapons in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and potentially Antonio Brown, and how the Buccaneers absolutely have to wear their throwback creamsicle jerseys at least once in primetime.

This really shouldn't even be optional, and it's also obviously in the NFL's best interest to make this happen at least once. They'd sell a lot of jerseys and it would get the people chattering. Rarely does an idea come along that is this much of a no-brainer -- let's see if the parties involved take the easy lay-up.