Tom Brady and Gisele Took the Kids to Disneyland, Internet Commenters Use Family Photo to Express Football Opinions


Tom Brady and Gisele went to Disneyland and brought their sons. This picture was posted to the NFL’s Instagram. Alone, this is a nice photo of a family enjoying a day at a theme park. Put it on the Internet and it is so much more.

Generally, I’m against pointing out things idiots say on the Internet if he or she isn’t an athlete. However, the ones accompanying the Brady family photo elicited multiple laughs. Take the first comment on the picture for example.

Tom Brady suckks!!!

What a place to express such an opinion. What else do we have?

I thought brady would bring hernandez o wait he killed someone and still says he didnt, rogh day

Rogh day indeed. If Aaron Hernandez admitted he killed someone, maybe Brady would have brought him along for this family outing. Anyone going to defend Brady’s honor against the guy who said he suckks?

because winning 3 out of 5 Super Bowls,bringing the team with the worst defense in the league to a SB in 2012. Making the playoffs almost every year. “Sucks” shut the fuck up.

I don’t know if the 2012 Pats really had the worst defense, but that comment is certainly the best defense. Anyone else have something to add?

Commenters, this is what you are.

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