Tom Brady First Player in NFL History to Turn 44 Since Adam Vinatieri in 2016

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter broke some major news on Twitter this morning, revealing that Tom Brady and Zach Wilson share a birthday. What may come as a surprise to you is that they were not born in the same year because as Schefter points out, they look practically the same age.

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Presumably, this is not a shot at Wilson looking 44, but a compliment to the eternally handsome Brady who totally looks 22. Have you ever seen someone so old look so young? I mean, did these guys share a limo to prom or just post a silly dance video on TikTok from Lollapalooz because they both look very young. Did Zach Wilson's mom babysit Brady in high school or graduate with him? These are the things we must ponder as we marvel at Brady's eternal beauty.

Since it is his (somehow!) his 44th birthday (what!??) we can have a serious discussion about his chances of becoming the oldest football player ever. If he plays at 45 he'll be just the ninth player in NFL history to do so. Six of them were kickers. The other two played in the 1920's. Meanwhile, Brady looks 19-20.

Brady is the first NFL player to turn 44 since Adam Vinatieri did it in 2016. Vinatieri was four weeks shy of his 47th birthday when he played his final game. The oldest player in NFL history was George Blanda. While he was primarily a kicker at the end of his career, he did throw three passes in his final regular season game when he was 48 years, three months and a few days old.

All Brady has to do to break that record is play through the middle of the 2025 season. Is it too late to take up kicking?