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Zach Wilson's Mom Refuses to Shut Down Her Instagram Account

Ryan Phillips
2021 NFL Draft
2021 NFL Draft / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Rookie New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has a mom problem. His mother, Lisa, is outspoken on her Instagram account and that has gotten him in hot water. She's become a distraction, most notable when she ranted about COVID-19 mask restrictions at Disney World. On Thursday, she took to her Instagram account to declare she'll never shut down her social media accounts, despite her son asking her to.

You can watch the video of Wilson saying she refuses to shut her social media accounts down here. Apparently Zach asked her to close them down because of how much flack he's getting for it and because he thinks she's taking too much "crap" for it.

She went on to say that she gets messages every day from women who claim her Instagram is the "only reason they're getting out of bed." And that it's the "only thing that kept them from taking a handful of pills." So yeah, she's got 27.3k followers and delusions of grandeur.

I feel for you, Zach.

I get why Wilson wants his mom to go silent on social media. She's outspoken and the New York media is going to shift through everything she does with a fine tooth comb. All of her opinions -- which she's more than welcome to air publicly -- will fall back on him. It's a tough situation for any young man, let alone a franchise quarterback in New York.

I'm sure the Jets are loving all of this. No red flags at all here.