Tim Tebow and Stephen A. Smith Had a Friendly First Matchup on 'First Take'


Tim Tebow made his first regularly scheduled appearance on First Take today as Stephen A. Smith's foil. The results of this meeting were nowhere near what we saw on Monday with Michael Irvin, despite the fact that the ESPN YouTube account that uploaded this clip said things, "GOT HEATED."

The pair went back and forth, clearly knowing what they were supposed to do, but Tebow is just not that kind of commentator. The majority of people genuinely like Tim Tebow and Smith appears to be no different in this case. Smith couldn't help but break character to explain Tebow's debate skills were pretty good so he would have to raise his voice. Then we learned that Smith is in a fantasy football league where he is facing David Spade.

Tebow was also able to address Cam Newton's comments from Friday morning. Tebow still thinks Newton can be a special player in the right circumstances and system and went so far as to compare him to his own experience as a specific type of player. Smith didn't even really muster an argument.

What did get Stephen A. was Tebow saying that Baker Mayfield was being disrespected. This got a very exaggerated look that caused Molly Qerim to tell him to pick up his jaw and then Smith and Tebow went back and forth on Progressive commercials.

It's a much different dynamic than some of the other post-Max Kellerman opponents for Stephen A. Smith. And it's certainly a new challenge for Tim Tebow who now has to deliver his talking points in a much more confrontational manner to fit the format of First Take. You have to wonder if Stephen A. will ever be able to muster the usual intensity for someone like Tebow, who is obviously very easy to like. It will be interesting to watch and see how this relationship develops over the season. At least ESPN hopes so.