Three Trade Destinations For Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr.

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos
Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Broncos' decision to trade Emmanuel Sanders last week marked the beginning of the end for many veterans' time in Denver. The team isn't good, doesn't have a chance to get much better, and the year of transition came much earlier than expected. As a result, Ian Rapoport reports the Broncos may end up moving longtime cornerback Chris Harris Jr. before Wednesday's deadline.

Harris is a bit past his prime, but could definitely still provide an upgrade for several contenders as an above-average slot corner. Here are three teams who should reach out to Denver to test the market for his services.

Philadelphia Eagles

We matched the Eagles with Josh Norman yesterday, and there's a reason Philadelphia will be linked to every available secondary player, no matter how big the name, before the deadline. Despite their most recent win in Buffalo, pass defense remains the biggest issue with this team. Harris seems a more likely option than Norman for several reasons; he's on an expiring contract, doesn't come along with a reputation for hot-headedness, and they won't be trying to pry him away from a divisional rival. He would automatically become the best corner on the team, and could give them enough of a boost to hold down the fort on that side of the ball as the offense grows more dangerous by the week.

Carolina Panthers

No matter what happens with Cam Newton and Kyle Allen, it's clear the roster around them has enough talent to be competitive, and a deep playoff run isn't out of the question with a few more additions. Harris would add to a secondary that has already played quite well this year, letting up an average of only 215 passing yards per game. That number is assisted by playing some poor offenses, and Sunday's debacle in San Francisco shows there's still some work to do. Trading for Harris could elevate their defense to elite status, a necessity if they want to hang with the best teams in the league, no matter who is under center.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City is, as a whole, actually having an okay year as far as defending the pass goes. But after Aaron Rodgers dismantled them on national television on Sunday night, it's obvious this unit isn't that much better than last year's, and one stop was the difference between the Super Bowl and a crushing playoff loss. Harris would give that side of the ball some valuable veteran leadership as a Super Bowl-winning corner and would provide an immediate upgrade. It's the type of win-now move that Kansas City should be making in an AFC where the Patriots are their only competition and haven't looked unbeatable offensively.