The Time Has Come For a 'Halloween' Reboot

On the set of Halloween
On the set of Halloween / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

You know what we haven't had in a long time? A new Halloween movie. It's been days since there was a movie released about infamous movie character Michael Myers and his favorite holiday. Why there are children who were born this week who aren't old enough to remember seeing ads for the latest chapter in the Halloween franchise.

Considering we're six years away from the 50th anniversary of [Debra Hill and] John Carpenter's original Halloween, the timing couldn't be better. If we start production today we might be able to wrap up two movies, or for the sake of synergy, a full trilogy in time for the golden anniversary.

All I can say is, it's about time. We've only had 12 more Halloween movies over the last 41 years. And only two of those have been reboots with the exact same name as the original. And those two have only had a total of three sequels. Plus the original six sequels, one of which had nothing to do with anything else in the entire series.

Did I mention that one of the reboots was actually a direct sequel to the original? Yes, 2018's Halloween was a sequel to 1978's Halloween. Then Halloween, the sequel to Halloween, had two sequels. Those were, of course, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, two movies that were not great. So not only has it been days since there was a new Halloween movie, but the bar is extremely low!

If you've sat through Halloween Ends by now, you're probably hoping someone gets the rights to this franchise that can do it justice. This is a proud franchise that... should probably just die.

There was one great Halloween movie and that was the original. It was the perfect horror movie. With iconic music and deliberate pacing and mood and tension and it created an entire genre. None of the sequels or reboots or reiminaginings have been legitimately good.

If you go by Rotten Tomatoes, critics only considered the original and the 2018 reboot fresh. Audiences agreed on those two and dragged the sequels to both of those to upright popcorn buckets. On IMDB the original is a 7.7 while Halloween (2018) and Halloween II (1981) are 6.5. Halloween (Rob Zombie's 2007 version) is a 6.0. It's a grim franchise!

We have the original. We have sequels that are fun to watch every October. Jamie Lee Curtis has had seven movies to save herself, her family, her friends and everyone else from Michael Myers. She's even done it a few times. There's nothing else to do or redo.

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