University of Florida's Football Stadium is On Fire [UPDATE]

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium / Doug Benc/Getty Images

The University of Florida is set to kick off their college football season in two weeks. In the meantime, they have some stuff to figure out with their stadium, because on Saturday afternoon it literally caught on fire.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, more commonly known as The Swamp, was captured in the below video with smoke billowing out of it.

Man. That's pretty insane. Similar to when the Texas Rangers' ballpark caught aflame, it is confusing as to how a stadium made of concrete can catch on fire, but here we are. Hopefully nobody is hurt and they put it out quickly.

That's 2020 for you.

UPDATE: Yahoo!'s Pete Thamel reports the actual stadium did not catch on fire, but rather a golf cart inside the stadium. That must have been quite a golf cart to cause that much smoke.

Thamel got later clarification that it was a maintenance cart, not a golf cart.

UPDATE 2: Local reporter Claudia Bellofatto provided further details. UF said the main cause was a dumpster fire. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.