'The Rehearsal' Episode 3 Recap: Buried Treasure and Fully Grown Vegetables


The Rehearsal episode 3: "Gold Digger"

00:30 - INTRO
00:50 - Robin
04:25 - Religious With a Hint of Alex Jones
06:40 - Irrigation
09:38 - The Rehearsal's formula?
12:00 - Patrick's Rehearsal
18:10 - Real Emotion
20:20 - How Does It Make You Feel?
23:47 - Circling Back
28:11 - A Show About Willy Wonka


00:30 - Stephen Douglas and Kyle Koster. Just two men on the Internet, podcasting like men do.


00:50 - Before diving into episode three, it was important to give Kyle a chance to talk about Robin, one of many breakout stars of The Rehearsal. Are his hoop dreams a reality? Or did they portend a nightmare relationship for Angela? And is Angela really ready for a child?

The Religion of... Alex Jones?

04:25 - Religion is a big part of Angela's identity, but her beliefs seem to cross a line from tradition to conspiratorial. Is Halloween more than going door-to-door for candy and what is Google trying to hide from you?


06:40 - How important is water? Very, for a farmer like Nathan Fielder. His commitment to the bit remains the engine that keeps this show running at all times. It's also time to talk about Angela's career and family aspirations.

Does The Rehearsal Have a Formula?

9:38 - Whenever you think you know what The Rehearsal is, it pivots. What does this mean for the world-building? For the extras pretending to eat chicken in the background?

Patrick's Rehearsal

12:00 - Our single-serving friend for this episode is Patrick, a man having trouble getting his inheritance from his brother. To help him rehearse, they have built a full replica of a Raising Cane's restaurant. What is a gold digger ... legally? Nathan brings his son to work as his real fake life gets in the way of his creating a simulation for Patrick. Meanwhile, Patrick's rehearsal goes to the next level.

Real Emotion

18:10 - Through a ton of manipulation, Fielder got Patrick to have a pretty big breakthrough and show real emotions. Then he ghosted the show. What does that mean for his actual inheritance? His rehearsal inheritance? Funnel cakes?

How Does It Make You Feel?

20:20 - Yes, we discuss whether we should feel bad about the 10% of the show that makes us feel bad. Especially when the other 90% is so damn good.

Circling Back

23:47 - Just some stuff we forgot to mention earlier. Vegetables and Satan's Google results are discussed. Somehow, we forgot about the special mirror that ages you at the same rate as your fake son.

How long has this show been on the air?
How long has this show been on the air? /

A Show About Willy Wonka

28:11 - Where is the show headed? How big can this world get as other rehearsals join the Alligator Lounge and Raising Cane's in the Oregon warehouse? We'll talk about it next week. Promise.