The LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart Suspensions Make Zero Sense

Los Angeles Lakers v Detroit Pistons
Los Angeles Lakers v Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart were involved in an ugly, bloody incident during Sunday's Los Angeles Lakers-Detroit Pistons game. James was given a Flagrant 2 and ejected from the game and was suspended for one game on Monday. Stewart, who received eight stitches, got two technicals and has been suspended two games. Either of these suspensions on their own are fine, but right next to each other they make zero sense.

LeBron earned his ejection and suspension. He hit a guy in the head and made him bleed. But he also extended a hand. He looked like it was unintentional. LeBron isn't generally in the business of hitting people in the head with the intention of making them bleed.

So how can you possibly give Stewart just one more game? He was out of his mind. He was pushing and shoving coaches, teammates and security. He refused to leave the floor. When he did, he sprinted down the tunnel and referees and teammates thought it likely that he was going to come all the way around the back of the stadium to try and get at the Lakers' bench.

How is that only two games? Both teams' radio announcers were wondering if he'd be suspended for the rest of the season. I realize that might have been a bit reactionary, but in Detroit, in the shadow of the latest anniversary of the Malice at the Palace, this looked really bad. This was not your standard hold-me-back moment and it deserved a suspension that reflects that. Not to mention he was trying to literally fight the biggest star in the league.

One guy hit someone on accident and immediately looked concerned. The other did everything in his power to make things much, much worse. The length of the suspensions did not reflect that.