Texas Tech Player Catches Bird Out of Mid-Air


Anyone who has ever been to Lubbock knows that you're bound to see some things when you're down there so a football player snagging a bird during pregame warmups probably didn't phase anyone. Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens, while getting ready for the Red Raiders' matchup with Kansas State yesterday, showed great situational awareness and compassion by catching and releasing a pigeon that was clearly trying to learn secrets about the gameplan. One might think this would be a good omen but it proved to be the highlight of the night for Texas Tech as K-State went up and down the field as it pleased en route to a 38-21 victory.

Still, it was a nice interspecies moment and a testament to the dichotomy of man as someone tasked with pure aggression displayed compassion. Unless the Birds Aren't Real movement have seized on it to cry false flag or international conspiracy or whatever they do.

Many people are wondering how something like this could happen, but to me it seems pretty clear. A bunch of bird bros were hanging out enjoying a great view of some Big 12 action and one thing led to another and a dare was issued. It's basically the avian version of storming the field except there is no bird jail to worry about.