Fox News Took the 'Birds Aren't Real' Guy Seriously


On Friday night, Fox News had Peter McIndoe on Jesse Watters Primetime to discuss the Birds Aren't Real movement. Unfortunately, it appears no one told the show's producers that McIndoe is a satirist who doesn't actually believe all birds are government drones.

Pete Hegseth was sitting in for Watters and couldn't believe what he was hearing McIndoe suggest. In fact, Fox Nation has a documentary coming out called "Birds Are Fake" that examines the conspiracy theory.

Here's video from the interview and I just love the way McIndoe capped it off:

"Thank you, Tucker" is absolutely perfect.

McIndoe started the Birds Aren't Real movement to show how dumb most conspiracy theories are, how they grow out of nowhere and gain massive followings without any truth behind them. He even went on 60 Minutes to discuss it in 2022:

The fact that no one informed Hegseth that this is all a joke is absolutely hilarious. He was conducting a serious interview, while McIndoe was messing with him the entire time.