Longhorns Football Players 'Expected' to Stand For 'The Eyes of Texas'

TCU v Texas
TCU v Texas / Tim Warner/Getty Images

The University of Texas has a fresh new take on people protesting and standing during songs. The Eyes of Texas, the Longhorns school song, has a racist history and student athletes have asked the university to drop it. Texas, of course, decided to keep the song and "own the history." Players have responded by heading the locker room after games, rather than remain on the field to honor the song. Well, that's over too.

Coach Tom Herman, along with school president Jay Hartzell and athletic director Chris Del Conte met with the team on Wednesday night and told them they had to stay and stand for the song. Texas is scheduled to host Baylor on October 24th. If that game is postponed or canceled (Baylor is dealing with a COVID outbreak) then they don't have a home game until November 7th. So there is plenty of time for players to decide how they want to respond.

This is certainly a refreshing reimagining of the National Anthem protests. Presumably, Longhorns players have been told they must stand for the Anthem before all games. Now they also have to stand around while people sing a song that was written 100 years ago to make fun of the school president and is set to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad." If you can think of a sillier thing to make students stand for, I'd like to hear it.