Tedy Bruschi Suggests Packers Trade Jordan Love For Julio Jones

Julio Jones
Julio Jones / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The dispute between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers continues to dominate headlines. The most recent development came last night, when Rodgers appeared on Kenny Mayne's final episode of SportsCenter and essentially said the franchise can forget about the people who help make the team great. It does not appear a resolution is coming anytime soon, although recent reports regarding contract extension talks suggest the two camps are at least communicating with each other.

It's honestly impossible to predict how this is going to play out. Rodgers' displeasure stems from a complicated series of issues and not just one big problem the team can fix with ease. The team also doesn't seem terribly inclined to cave and do whatever Rodgers wants to make sure he comes back into the fold. Rodgers is a future Hall of Famer and the Packers are a historic organization with several decades of consistent success, so both sides are pretty dug in here. No easy solutions are in sight.

Unless you ask Tedy Bruschi. The former Patriot appeared on Get Up this morning to present a scenario in which Green Bay takes down two birds with one stone. It's simple: trade Jordan Love for Julio Jones. Oh, and publicly apologize to Rodgers.

I mean... the logic is certainly sound. Rodgers insisted last night that his issues had nothing to do with Love as a person or player, but it seems likely he just didn't want to put the young guy on blast. He can't be happy that the first offensive player the franchise picked in the first round all decade was his eventual replacement. Trading Love would show Rodgers the Packers are committed for as long as he's willing to stick around. Then you add in the fact that sending Love out would net Rodgers his most talented receiver ever, and voilà! Everyone's happy!

This is the point where reality sets in and everybody realizes this is great on paper and that's it. Nothing about the way the Packers have approached this situation suggests they're going to publicly apologize to their Hall of Fame quarterback, much less make a huge move to assuage him. And Love alone isn't going to get this deal done. Nobody has seen what he can do and the Falcons are going to want more than an unknown quantity for one of the best players to ever suit up for the franchise.

It would be a fun bit of narrative linking, though. The Falcons traded Brett Favre to the Packers way back when. It set the organization on their historically successful path and eventually led to Rodgers. Executing a transaction with Atlanta again all these years later in order to keep their franchise quarterback would be a real full circle moment. It won't happen, but fun to think about.