Did Julio Jones Know Shannon Sharpe Had Him on Speaker Phone Live on Air?

Shannon Sharpe calling Julio Jones on 'Undisputed'
Shannon Sharpe calling Julio Jones on 'Undisputed' /

The possibility of Julio Jones playing in a different uniform by September has grown more likely every day. Last week, reports confirmed the Falcons want to trade their All-Pro wideout due to his gigantic contract and the team's messy cap sheet. Over the weekend, rumors linked Jones to the New England Patriots and Cam Newton. Then a picture circulated of Jones wearing Cowboys apparel that further fanned the flames.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe tackled the discussion on Monday morning's edition of Undisputed. Bayless, predictably, was all sorts of excited about Jones suiting up for America's Team. At some point, the two hosts decided to go right to the source. Sharpe called Jones live on air and asked him straight-up what the situation was. Jones answered in the affirmative that he was out of Atlanta, but denied any desire to play for the Cowboys because he wants to win.

Near the end of the segment you can hear host Jenny Taft asking Sharpe to tell Jones they were live on air, which means he did not do so before the call. Jones seems to have no idea Sharpe was doing a show and presumably just thought he was talking to the man himself, not an audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands daily.

Sharpe did tell him at the end that they were live and Jones seemed unperturbed by the revelation, stating once again he does not want to play for the Cowboys. So all's well that ends well, I guess. The Falcons probably won't be pleased about this once they find out, but now that it's out in the open, the timeline for a trade may be accelerated. It won't be to Dallas, if Jones has his way. We know that much now.