Super Spreader Bowl: NFL Hoping For Full Stadium in February

Raymond James Stadium
Raymond James Stadium / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is just a few short months away, while the end of the coronavirus pandemic seems much further away. Planning has begun for the Big Game which will take place at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium. There are not yet plans for fans to see Buccaneers games in person, but Jonathan Barker, head of live events and production for the NFL, told the Tampa Bay Times that the league is preparing for every possibility, including the idea of a full stadium.Via Tampa Bay Times:

""Our hope is going to be to fill this stadium with fans. That’s our hope. But the smart thing to do is to prepare just in case. If we find ourselves on Feb. 7 where we’re in different scenario, we’re going to just make sure we’re ready for that.”"

This is far from a proposal or plan. Just a possibility. This guy wouldn't be doing his job if he wasn't considering the possibility that fans could be involved, but man does it seem far fetched. This isn't a regular season game where people who live in the vicinity of the stadium will be attending. This is a global event where fans and media regularly travel from across the world to attend.

Anyone traveling from outside Florida would need to be tested upon arrival and quarantine whenever they returned home. Plus all that Super Bowl week stuff is out. Imagine 65,000 fans from across America coming to Tampa to quarantine for two weeks and then go home and do the same. What fun. Besides, they'd have to deal with home team ambassador Tom Brady wanting to shake the hands of everyone who came to the game and tell them about the pirate ship.

The other possibility is that the Bucs do actually win the NFC and become the first team to play a Super Bowl at home and all their fans are allowed to buy tickets. The idea of Tom Brady getting to play a home Super Bowl in the only game the entire year with an actual home field advantage should be enough to make people scrap this idea right now.