Tom Brady Was on Bucs Field Ridicliously Early for First Home Game

Tom Brady.
Tom Brady. / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Tom Brady is maniacal when it comes to pregame preparation. He leaves nothing to chance, examining every element that could play a role in his performance and mentally preparing to handle it as only he can.

But even for Brady, this seems a little intense.

Brady walked the Bucs field over four hours before kickoff today. He used to walk the field at Gillette Stadium early too, so this isn't out of the ordinary. But as he makes his home debut for the Bucs, it feels like this recon mission was more about getting comfortable in his new surroundings on gameday. Not only did he walk the field to get familiar with the views, he also examined the Bucs bench.

Not everyone is as interested as Brady in knowing every element of a field and stadium. Clearly it's worked for him to the tune of six Super Bowl rings. But as he settles into his new surroundings, getting comfortable requires a little extra effort, which clearly Brady has no problem providing.