'Succession' Power Rankings: Who Won and Lost the Latest Trailer?


Succession premieres on HBO exactly one month from today. To celebrate the occasion they released a new trailer for season three. There are less than two full minutes of footage, but it seems that no one worked out any issues offscreen between seasons and the Roy family is still trying to sort out the order of succession. With that in mind, let's watch the trailer and then dive into who won and who lost this piece of promotional material.

Last Place: Connor Roy

Alan Ruck shows up in the office for maybe the first time in the entire series to talk to his father in a last-ditch attempt to be put in charge. Or to get more financing for Willa's next production. The only thing for certain is that he is not very good at the Game of Thrones.

9. Lukas Matsson

Alexander Skarsgård's new character will play a tech CEO. So this is probably a new Vaulter type situation where he ends up screwed.

8. Josh Aaronson

Adrian Brody's character is a billionaire activist investor who ends up owning some of Waystar. He will also likely end up screwed because the Roys leave an incredible wake of destruction in their path.

7. Roman Roy

Aside from Greg, he's still the most amusing asshole, but this wasn't a strong showing. He gets shoved by Shiv. He shares a laugh about his father dying. Honestly, it's a weak showing, which he probably gets off on.

Tom is often concerned this season.
Tom is often concerned this season. /

6. Tom

Tom Wambsgans is running ATN so he has to stand in the background as Logan rants and then he gets to comfort him when he has one of his episodes. But then he has to try and keep Shiv close by any means necessary while she plays all sides.

5. Cousin Greg

Greg Hirsch just keeps hanging in there. Tom still likes him and he's sided with Kendall. As long as he avoids any suicide pacts he should continue to rise the corporate ranks in hilarious fashion.

4. Shiv Roy

Shiv shares scenes with her father, two brothers and wears a large hat. Plus, she gets an extremely awkward shoulder rub from Tom. Based on the number of people she interacts with it appears she will again be the person everyone wants on their side. This has to finally be the year that she screws somebody over and says, "You've just been Shiv'd!"

3. Stewy

Stewy Hosseini talks with his old friend Kendall. He still has a seat on the board. He shares a double high-five and hug with Adrian Brody. He appears to be in a very comfortable spot.

2. Logan Roy

The John Wick of the Roy family he plays weak with Shiv, looks sick with Tom, intimidating to the board. All that usual stuff. Plus he drops the most foreboding line of the trailer ("There's blood in the water. Sharks are coming.) and most epic line of the trailer. ("We'll fucking beast him. We'll go FULL F-CKING BEAST.")

1. Kendall Roy

Kendall is is the number one trending topic, ahead of tater tots. Plus a Pope parody account just followed him. He finished season 2 with the upper hand and smiles a lot during the trailer. He has upset everyone. He might have a plan. He's slightly less likely to die this season than his father. Plus he's got Greg. It's time these guys went house hunting.