Is Kerry Castellabate The Next Breakout Star at ATN?


We learned Kerry from Succession has both a last name and dreams of becoming a midday news anchor on America's go-to network for information about how big the rats are in New York City. She also learned that getting a leg up with Logan Roy is only good until he decides to kick it out from under you. Hers was not the most important story line of last night's episode, a simmering instant classic that featured some dramatic family-is-all-in-the-same-room moments that usually come closer to a season's end, but it crystalized passion projects and their order of importance to a CEO diving back into the details of his news arm, just in case that GoJu deal actually ends in parties signing in the dotted line. Business is always going to win out over pleasure.

Why does she want to do this? Isn't it a step down from being the position of influence she already holds? Which is arguably the second-most powerful person in the empire? Why does she need the aggravation of a uproariously funny audition tape where she cannot hide her "Un-TV" arms or stop smiling about tragedy. It gets passed around like candy in the inboxes of both friend and foe. The three striving Roy children are late to their brother's wedding anyway, helicopter or no helicopter, because they cannot tear themselves away from the hilarity. Hugo and Gerri are busted red-handed roasting her before a big pitch meeting.

Tom gets to make two different decisions on her future with Logan's hand pulling the puppet strings. Greg handles a difficult conversation with reasonable skill and takes great delight in doing the job.

She is humiliated and the messenger is so far down the depth chart that it should shatter any future dreams of doing either global-global or hyper-local reporting. And honesty, it's a long overdue bit. She has been nothing if not high on her own supply since riding into town and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Kerry Castellabate's career got a major setback last night. But it could be a precursor for a major comeback. There was obvious pain in her eyes after realizing the betrayal. She's at a crossroads and could choose any direction forward. Maybe it's saying nothing and wearing the shame. Maybe it's by getting even. Maybe it's by putting together a nice package for the Syracuse affiliate.