Succession Finale Predictions


Succession will close its incredible run with a super-sized series finale on Sunday night. Sticking the landing is one of the hardest things to do and some all-time series have struggled to walk away leaving audiences wanting more. Confidence for success is, of course, extremely high because the writers and showrunners have more than earned it. And although it's not necessary a show that is reliant on having all available questions answered, everyone is throwing out their predictions. Including Stephen Douglas and Kyle Koster of The Big Stream podcast, who are already mainlining coffee for what promises to be a long night of reflection.


Stephen: Will win the battle of Succession. He will ruin the GoJo deal either by design or on accident. Matsson, very annoyed, sends some mean tweets as his stock price plummets.

Kyle: Jesse Armstrong loves his Shakespeare and there have been plenty of bread crumbs suggesting that the No. 1 boy is actually Richard III. As much as I'd like to see him emerge through the darkness on the other side as a knock-off Logan, the ham-handed way he pitched Colin and the bodyguard's lackluster reaction to such an offer suggests trouble ahead. Sins of the season one finale finally come due and prevent him from assuming the throne.

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Stephen: Completely broken, will be left to continue to ruin the entertainment division, but Karolina is in charge of all hiring and firing. In a grand gesture, he sends one last dick pick to Gerri. Three dots briefly appear before going away forever.

Kyle: Here's a bold one. Disappearing into the contentious streets like The Joker is the last time we see him. The Waystar drama plays out without his physical presence and he calls in from whatever hole he eventually crawled into. The man who delighted in calling others cucks emerges as the ultimate cuck as Mencken loses his number.

Shiv & Tom

Stephen: Both out. Shiv's betrayal cannot be forgiven because Kendall wins and that means his betrayal of his sibs was the right betrayal. Tom finds joy as a stay-at-home father. Shiv goes back into politics while Tom starts scouting possible affluent tee ball leagues.

Kyle: Shiv's little end-around with Lukas Matsson works brilliantly until the shady Swede goes scorched earth and pulls the rug out from under her at the last moment. Tom, one of the few characters capable of self-reflection, makes some sort of peace with his station at ATN and finds a way to be part of this child's life.

Connor & Willa

Stephen: The closest thing to a happy ending. Connor and Willa go somewhere to enjoy their millions and vaguely European title that allows Connor to entertain dignitaries and plan his next run for president. Willa continues to hone her shopping skills.

Kyle: Mencken bails on his promise of ambassadorship as he realizes he doesn't need any of the Roys, Mr. One Percent in Alaska included. Yet like you said, this won't ruin or jade what is essentially the only healthy couple in this cinematic universe. They'll be just fine with their horde of money.


Stephen: Greg the Egg will have something to do with Kendall's victory. Either on purpose or accident, he will get Matsson to make a mistake, and thus earn the undying loyalty of Kendall who will name Greg head of Parks.

Kyle: So there's a groundswell of theories floating that Greg will be installed by Matsson as U.S. CEO. That would be funny yet I just don't see it no matter how aggressively he's been weasaling of late. Think there's a surprise here where the goofy dude has to pay a real price for his misdoings. It'll hurt but this show is supposed to hurt.

The Country

Stephen: Menken runs the country like Ron DeSantis runs Florida. Everything descends into chaos. Ratings have never been higher.

Kyle: Susan Collins will continue to believe these fascists have learned their lesson.

Old Guard C-Suite

Stephen: Everyone is out, but Gerri gets the biggest golden parachute of all, which is what she's earned. Also, she gets a text message.

Kyle: Frank stays on because Frank is a survivor. Karl goes kicking and screaming but with money in his pocket. Gerri finds one final way to twist the knife on Roman. We miss them more than anyone.


Kyle: Poetically, this is all tied up with a board vote. Kendall wins and is installed as permanent CEO — until Colin blows the whistle on his crimes with the help of Hugo, who wants to reduce his own insider trading fiasco. Shiv and Matsson think they have the votes and Shiv gets Shived just to add insult to injury. Roman is MIA. Connor washes his hands of it all and goes backpacking in Europe forever. There is no successor because no one can fill Logan's shoes.

Stephen: The actual "winner" is inconsequential. None of the characters actually deserve anything good to happen to them. None of them need anything good to happen. The only thing that matters during the finale is the banter. They need to go out in classic Succession fashion making up new ways to. employ swear words and being as mean as possible. Backstabbing and manuvering and looking crushed about being insulted by people they don't really care about.