Alexander Skarsgard Makes the 'Succession' Cast Taller Than the '19-'20 Houston Rockets [UPDATE]

Russell Westbrook and James Harden.
Russell Westbrook and James Harden. / Tim Warner/Getty Images

A litle over a year ago the Houston Rockets unveiled the smallest lineup in modern NBA history. The small ball Rockets consisted of James Harden (six-foot-five), Russell Westbrook (six-foot-three), PJ Tucker (six-foot-five), Eric Gordon (six-foot-three) and Danuel House Jr. (six-foot-six). It was the first time there was a starting lineup without someone over six-foot-six since 1963.

In a world full of very tall people, the small lineup really stood out. The same can be said of HBO's Succession, but the opposite. In a profession full of shorter people often pretending to be bigger people (five-foot-seven Tom Cruise playing six-foot-five Jack Reacher comes to mind), Succession boasts an abnormally tall cast. Outside of a movie about basketball, you'll probably never see a taller IMDB page. With the addition of Alexander Skarsgard, the show now boasts four actors between six-foot-three and six-foot-seven.

It's probably not often that six-foot-three Matthew Macfadyen isn't the tallest person on set, but he's dwarfed by six-foot-seven Nicholas Braun and James Cromwell who would both give PJ Tucker all he could handle in the post. I mean, assuming they have the proper footwear and nutrients.

Of course, a basketball team needs a fifth. Succession can trot out six-footer Alan Ruck or five-foot-ten Caitlin FitzGerald (Tabitha) if this is a co-ed league. David Rasche who plays Karl could also provide a spark off the bench at six-feet. Technically, the Rockets still have one inch on the Succession cast if you stack them on top of each other, but I'm sure Succession will add someone who is at least six-foot-two by the time they finish shooting season three.

UPDATE: Adrien Brody will also join the cast of Succession for the show's third season. Brody, who is six-foot-one, is also going to play Pat Riley in an HBO series about the 1980's Los Angeles Lakers. With the addition of Brody's lengthy frame, Alan Ruck may now head to the bench and the show officially has a lineup as big as the '19-'20 Rockets.