Steven Adams Is Really Proud He Beat the Computer in a Game of Chess

Steven Adams, chess master wannabe
Steven Adams, chess master wannabe / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Each NBA player stuck in Orlando for at least the next four weeks will have to find ways to entertain themselves in the vast amount of downtime they're going to have between practices and games. Like any organization, the NBA has a very wide range of personalities and interests when it comes to its employees. Some like golf. Others, fishing. Plenty will just be playing video games whenever they don't have basketball responsibilities to tend to.

Steven Adams is playing virtual chess. He beat the computer opponent for the first time on Friday and tweeted about it.

He apparently really wanted to spread the good news, because he then responded to 15 different tweets from the NBA and other teams with the same picture of his chess victory.

Merely a sample of Adams' barrage of tweets proclaiming his victory. The bubble will surely chip away at everyone's sanity over its lifespan, so perhaps this is a result of Adams already succumbing to the stir-craziness that will take hold of everyone at some point.

Or maybe he's just super-amped that he beat the computer. Adams doesn't seem like a guy who needs a lot to keep content. Just give him a computer to play and a way to broadcast his achievements and he's set. Unlikely we see Adams' name pop up on the snitch line transaction wire.