Jayson Tatum As Susceptible to Frustration of Golf As the Rest of Us

Liam McKeone
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Jayson Tatum picked up golf while quarantined, which ended up being a great call because golf is one of the few recreational activities available for NBA players in the bubble that will actually take up a good chunk of the day. The Athletic published a piece detailing his swing progression, and unsurprisingly he is a natural, but has a lot of kinks to iron out as a late student of the game.

On a related note, Tatum isn't terribly active on social media, but will post somewhat regularly on his SnapChat story. He put up a video of himself, Grant Williams, and Gordon Hayward hitting the range shortly after the Boston Celtics arrived at Disney. On Thursday morning, he posted a picture of a scorecard on a golf cart. Four hours later, he posted this.

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to be an elite athlete, highly competitive, and then face the realization that golf is equally as cruel to you as it is to a neighborhood dad slipping out on the links for a quick nine after work. It seems Tatum is taking that reality as well as one might expect. And honestly, you haven't really played golf if you haven't felt the strong urge to snap your club like a twig.

I imagine Tatum snapped it over his knee like Ted Ray in The Greatest Game Ever Played.