Steve Wyche: NFL is Looking at Chargers Long-Term Viability in Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles Chargers are under the gun this week as more reports continue to surface concerning the franchise's dismal outlook in Los Angeles. Obviously this week we got the bombshell about the NFL potentially wanting the franchise to move to London and since that report, others have chimed in to verify that the league is, indeed, concerned with that's happening in LA. On Wednesday, the NFL Network's Steve Wyche added his voice to the mix.

While appearing on The Darren Smith Show on XTRA 1360 in San Diego, Wyche clearly stated that the NFL was looking at the Chargers' long-time viability in Los Angeles.

Check out the full segment below:

Wyche had the following to say about the situation:

""I had never heard the London aspect of it, but without a doubt -- and this is in speaking with some owners, and speaking with some people at the league -- they are looking at the Chargers long-term viability in Los Angeles ... I have spoken to some owners, you know, who are kind of saying they don't like what they see in terms of there just not being much support whatsoever for the Chargers...It's not being ignored, people are paying attention to it.""

Yikes. That's not good news for Dean Spanos and his cohorts running the franchise. If he loses the support of the other owners -- and based on the London move article it appears he has -- he'll be in a really tough spot. His franchise is in a city that doesn't want it and the rest of the league thinks he's failing in the second-biggest media market in the country.

Wyche added this to the discussion as well:

""Trust me, I have spoken to some owners where they've been like, 'We're keeping an eye on things down there, because we've played there or we've seen things from afar or we've had our discussions where we just don't know, you know two, three, four years from now, what's going to happen if they don't get a foothold in LA."'"

Owners are looking over Dean Spanos' shoulder and every embarrassing thing he does is likely being noted. That isn't good for people who bet on the Chargers succeeding in LA.