Stephen A. Smith Rants About Yankees' Wild Card Loss to Red Sox

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

A First Take without Max Kellerman leaves more room than ever for Stephen A. Smith to cook. Whether or not one believes that to be for the better of the show depends much upon one's personal opinion of Smith, but here at The Big Lead, we appreciate the entertainment value he brings to the table day-in and day-out with remarkable consistency.

Which brings us to today, where Smith coped with the New York Yankees' playoff elimination at the hands of the Boston Red Sox while on air. He was mad about it. Since baseball isn't his forte like basketball, Smith plays the part more of a truly angry fan rather than frustrated analyst, which makes it better.

Smith was furiously tweeting throughout last night's game, joining in with the masses by hammering Gerrit Cole and third base coach Phil Nevin.

His rant on ESPN was a bit more PG, but the tone was precisely the same.

I will not lie to you, reader. It gives me great and pure joy to see Yankees fans in such a tizzy. May be watching Smith on repeat for a while yet.