Alex Rodriguez Was Kind of Just Saying Stuff on Yankees-Red Sox Broadcast

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

MLB's first Wild Card game of the playoffs came and went last night. The Boston Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees by the score of 6-2. Matt Vasgersian called the play-by-play action on ESPN. He was joined by Alex Rodriguez.

Reception was mixed as far as his performance goes. At times it felt the former Yankees All-Star was just ... saying stuff to fill the void.

Here is a collection of all the A-Rodisms from last night's game. Some are funny and some are simply wrong.

Listen, broadcasting is a really difficult job. Not everyone is perfect at it from the get-go. But A-Rod, man ... he feels like negative value at times, much less coming close to added value for as big a game as this was.

On the other hand, some of the above quotes are extremely funny in how nonsensical they are. So pros and cons are on the table here.